Hey...Why isn't my post showing up?

    If you're a long time member it's probably because you're not logged in.

    If you're newbie its because all new members must, at first, post on a moderated basis in order to prevent the board from filling up with the stream-of-unconsciousness rantings of brain damaged Dittomonkeys. We don't maintain this forum so the net can have yet another Clinton's Cock Fest.

    So if you're new to these parts, just register a handle and and your posts will be reviewed by a moderator. After it's become apparent that you're not here to indulge in the embarrassing public self-fellatio that characterizes right wing political forums, you'll be given member status and you'll have dozens of new buddies.
   C'mon it'll be fun...

   If you've been posting a while and still don't have member status, it's probably because you gave a hotmail, yahoo or other anonymous netmail address. We look long and hard at folks who use netmail because they're likely to be trolls. If you want in quickly, give us your POP addy.

   Also, the script is a bit buggy and sometimes your posts won't show up unless you log out and then back in again.